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Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench

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Blast your biceps with this commercial grade preacher bench.

Developed by Harvey Easton of Easton’s gym in Holleywood, (still open today).

Vince Gironda copied it and took it to his gym where Larry Scott, (the First My Olympia) made it famous. Some gyms will still refer to this as the Scott curl.

The bench focuses on the short head or belly of the bicep to create whats referred to as the bicep “peak”

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Powertec Crunch Bench

The Hyperextension and Crunch Bench From Powertec

Powertec Abdominal

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You will find the Powertec Crunch bench and hyper extension bench in corporate gyms, school gyms, home gyms and commercial fitness studios throughout the world.
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