Home Gym Combination 5

Home Gym Combination 5: 

Home Gyms

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  • Indoor Walker
  • Bodycraft Multi Gym
  • Aerobics ball

My choice of cardio vascular gym equipment for this combination is simply one of the smoothest elliptical trainers I have ever used. The indoor walker is best described as cross between a spinning bike and an elliptical trainer. The mechanism of the elliptical is very similar to that of a spinning bike, with a heavy flywheel and a manually adjusted braking system.

In addition the indoor walker provides a full body workout with its cross trainer arms.

Indoor walkers offer a number of adjustments which make it possible to customize the unit for various sizes and shapes of gym equipment users.

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The Body Craft Home gym multi gym gives the home gym owner literally hundreds of exercise options. The home gym has a set of adjustable cable arms which duplicate dumbbell movements such as dumbbell curls, cable crossovers, side lateral raises and dumbbell press. Your imagination really is the only limit to you workout.

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