Home Gym Combinations for 2017

Home Gym Combination 1

I am frequently asked to put together a combination of gym equipment for a very tight budget, and while I would never recommend cheap gym equipment there are ways to ensure that your home gym does not cost an arm and a leg.


Cheap Home Gyms

Cheap Home Gyms

Try this combination for instance

  • Aerobics Ball
  • Aerobics step
  • Standard barbell with 35kg of weight plates.

A barbell for strength training without an adjustable bench means that you can train legs, (lunges and squats), Shoulders, (front raise, front press), Triceps, (overhead French press), Biceps, (biceps curls).

The ball allows many different core, abdominal and stability exercise.

And the ball can act as a bench for you to perform bench press and any other lying exercise whilst exercising your core stabilisers.

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