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This is just a selection of the commercial and light commercial treadmills for sale that we offer. If you feel that you need to discover more then call me or email me for the latest models and pricing. Ranges to suit every pocket.


Bremshey RN3
(click here)

GS 2000 Home Treadmill

GS 2000 Treadmill
(click here)


Bremshey RN 5 Treadmill (click here)

Gym Equipment

Bremshey RN 7 Treadmill
(Click Here)


Tunturi Pure Treadmill
(click here)

Home Treadmill

StrengthMaster TR3000 (Click Here)

Commercial Treadmills

Commercial treadmill

StrengthMaster TR 5000
(click here)

Commercial Treadmill

Proteus Treadmill
(click here)


Tunturi Platinum Treadmill (click here)

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