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Workout Tips for new Home Gym Owners

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As a new home gym owner you have certainly gained many advantages over the people left queuing for the treadmill or looking for parking at the local gym.

However there are some small challenges which can be overcome very easily.

Challenges faced by home gym owners

Buying your gym  equipment whether it be a spinning bike, Powertec multi gym or functional training machine is just the start of the project.

By not having access to the free flow of gym lore and information that flows from gym member to gym member you are denied some of the wisdom that is being shared in the locker room of your local fitness facility.

Not to stress, by reading blogs and articles like this one on

I was recently asked to do a talk on the topic of the best three tips for new home gym owners. Here they are.

1. Setting your fitness goals and physique outcome.

As a teach of NLP I believe in keeping the outcome in mind in terms any endeavour. If you want to lose weight using your gym equipment then your exercise strategy may different to someone wanting to training for an event.


2. Measuring your success.

I advocate keeping a training diary. Most good quality treadmills will offer used definer programs and a large amount of data which can be recorded in your training diary.

3. Variety of Exercises on Home Gyms and Exercise Machines

The biggest killer to any gym program is sheer boredom. In the commercial gym you will frequently have  plenitude of machines to choose from. When training at home most home gym owners are faced with budget and space constraints.

Which Home Gym Should The New Home Gym Owner Look At?

Free Weight Home Gyms

Powertec Home Gym

Powertec Home Leverage Gym Call 071 863 7398











Selectorised Home Gyms

2 stack Multi Gym

Bodycraft 2 Stack Home Gym Call 071 863 7398








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