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Do you feel that you want to see some of the most effective and short duration workouts methods available in South Africa? You can hear more about the top brands and fitness equipment by reading more here, or you can contact me for a more specialized discussion about your fitness needs.

As we get closer to Christmas I get more and more calls from South Africans wanting to maximise their fitness gains whilst minimize their time in the gym.

I get you!

The point of us exercising and staying in shape is not the end goal.

So as we get closer to the end of 2012 what have we learned about staying in shape and getting into shape quickly?

The biggest news this year has been the massive beneficial impact of the various suspension training systems.

Suspension Training

Suspension training is big and if it’s not in your local gym yet, it soon will be.

What’s even better news is that your are able to install these systems in your home with very little hassle.

International health and fitness writer Jeanette Wang has just written a stunning article on her experiences with suspension training here.

Originally registered as a trade mark by Anywhere Fitness, the term has become more generic now as it refers to a number of methods of exercising with bodyweight in multiple plans of motion.

Originally rumoured to be based on  the concept of paratroopers using their parachute straps. Wikipedia says that it originated from rope training. It doesn’t really matter, although there are some great urban legends about the concept.

What is the best suspension system on the market?

I have a used quite a few in my time and the best by far is the CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training System .

The next most popular in South Africa is the TRX which you may see at a number of Virgin Active Gyms around South Africa

The  CrossCore is more versatile and user friendly than the TRX, especially for home use.

What are the differences between the CrossCore and the TRX Suspension Systems?

CrossCore is Rotational and Suspension Training

TRX is only a “suspension trainer”. What this means is that you can only perform movements in two planes, (to the front and to the side). This is where the CrossCore steps up to the plate with the addition rotational (or transverse plane) movement.

Crosscore has developed their patented pulley system which sets it apart from any other system.

CrossCore can change into a cable / pulley machine.

CrossCore suspension training

By attaching a weight such as a dumbbell or kettle bell to one end you can use the pulley to move through a plenitude of exercises including tricep pushdowns, wood chop, abdominal crunch and anything else that you think of doing on a single cable column.

Of course nothing is stopping you from attaching two CrossCores a few feet away from each other. That’s a cable crossover for under R6000 excluding the cost of your weights!

A normal cable crossover with weight stacks cost between R21 500 and R45 000 depending on the brand, (see more on cable crossover machines by clicking here)

Adjustable handles for feet and hands

Avoid slipping especially when it comes to rehabilitation patients.

The benefits of Rotational Body Weight Training

Many injuries across the world are caused by core instabilities and non-contact injuries. What this means is that as we get older, some of the smaller core muscles become weaker such as the Iliacus, Psoas Major, (on the inside) and the transverse abdominus, (on the outside). See more about Core Muscles here.

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When these muscles get weak then the chances of injury from bending or even normal movements increases. Even conditioned sports people have been known to focus more on the bigger abdominal muscles such as the oblique’s and rectus abdominus whilst neglecting the core. CrossCore sorts that all out.

Read more on CrossCore Suspension Training

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Where can I get a CrossCore Rotational System  ?

Of course the easiest option would be to come and try one out, or order one online with us…it’s that easy. Call 071 863 7398 or mail me on

We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

We also have a large range of fitness accessories,  multigyms, treadmills, spinning bikes and….Hey we have everything. Click here so see more.

You could also call me now on 071 863 7398 now or email me immediately on so I can guide you through making the best decision for your health and your pocket.

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