Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Rack with Dumbbells



Dumbbell are the back bone of any gym.

A good set of dumbbells which have been manufactured to withstand the rigors and punishment of a commercial gym are a fine investment.

I would always recommend a heavier emphasis on the lighter dumbbells. Most dumbbells over 40kg are reserved for the strongest of the gym members or the members refusing to perform their exercises correctly.

In either case you will increase your gym capacity and therefore improve your investment by ordering a broader range of light dumbbells.

My recommendations would be 1kg increments up to and including 16kg to 20kg, (depending on budget)

2kg increments from 20kg to 30kg and 3 kg increments thereafter.

If you have any need to go above 4okg then 5kg increments thereafter.

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