Tunturi Platinum Cross Sprinter

Tunturi Cross Sprinter


Tunturi Platinum Cross Sprinter

Tunturi Platinum Cross Sprinter

The Tunturi Platinum Experience

The Platinum range of commercial gym equipment from Tunturi represents all that is good about one of the top manufacturers of fine gym equipment in the world.

Tunturi has been receiving accolades in the home gym and light commercial gym market for more than 60 years. Now they have outdone themselves by incorporating user friendly features and Scandinavian design into the new commercial range of fitness equipment.


The range consist of a treadmill, elliptical trainer, cross sprinter, upright bike and recumbent bike.


Tunturi Platinum Elliptical Console

Tunturi Platinum Elliptical Console

Introducing the innovative cross sprinter cross trainer.

Every year we await the results of equipment designers efforts regarding how to help us exercise at a higher level, at a greater intensity and to achieve better results.


The Tunturi Cross Sprinter is a unique synergy of the movement and feel of a spinning bike with the movement and functionality of an elliptical trainer.

With a heavy adjustable flywheel for extra smooth movement.


Used in gyms and health clubs overseas in class situations.


Interactive console for continuous feedback for members and users.


This is a full body workout which could be compared to rowing, only it looks like more fun!!

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