Tunturi Omega Multi Gym

Tunturi Omega Home Gym and Multi Gym System

Tunturi Omega Multi Gym

Tunturi Omega Multi Gym

Another innovative gym equipment solution from Tunturi

Includes a 91kg effective weight stack, (65kg optimized)

Tired of getting ripped off and losing money while you wait for results from the gym?

Why not lose weight while you get ripped!

The Tunturi Omega multi gym offers facilities and quality normally found in bigger and better brands of gym equipment.

Includes lat pulldown bar, rotating handle, single handles and ankle strap.

The upper pulley and lower ensure that you have a great variety of exercise including pull down, seated row and a multitude of shoulder and functional movement.

Includes the following exercises

  • Lat Pull down,
  • Triceps Pushdown,
  • Pec Fly,
  • Base Pulley,
  • Chest Press,
  • Incline Chest Press,
  • Shoulder Press,
  • abdominal crunch,
  • leg extension,
  • Standing leg curl

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