Sleep Education and Exercise Drastically Improves Quality of Life

Chronic sleep problems can be a result of anything from home or work stress all the way to serious medical conditions. Sleep problems an the resulting mental fatigue has been the cause f many minor and major work based issues.

In a majority of cases sleep can be restored by assisting employees to follow a relatively simple program including ways to manage home and work stress more effectively.

Research studies have confirmed it and most of us already know it: physical exercise can contribute to better sleep quality.

This study spanned 40 days and looked at

  • quality of sleep and rest,
  • reported mood,
  • most importantly the quality of life.

After the initial study period

  • extended full sleep,
  • shortened sleep suppression or latency,
  • fewer awakenings after sleep onset,
  • and overall improved sleep efficiency compared to controls.

4 month follow up revealed that many of the positive effects had remained.

If your spending your money or medical aid funds on sleeping tablets, tranquilisers and alcohol to get to sleep or simply lie awake thinking that there is nothing you can do then you may like to take notice of this study and the implications

Moderate exercise could involve and of the following activities

  • Cardio exercises such as Treadmill, spinning bike, stepper or elliptical trainer
  • Core and floor training such as Pilates, yoga and Bosu ball core classes
  • Strength or bodybuilding exercises on fitness equipment
  • Performing a short workout every day is preferable but as can be seen from recent research, three times per week will give substantial benefits.

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Research from : Institute of Sports and Sports Science, Heidelberg University, Im Neuenheimer Feld 700, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany

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