School Gym Equipment – Part 2

The benefits of fitness activities at schools is well documented.

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In the last article we discussed the fundamentals of why a school gym may be beneficial to the school goers and the school.

In this article we look at the areas that one might design into a school gym

Cardio Vascular

Cardio equipment

If you want to put in treadmills into a school gym then we would always suggest buying a minimum of two treadmills, preferably three.

Cardio Vascular Equipment is always cost dependant.

Spinning bikes are good option for schools gyms because of the low maintenance.


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In closing the discussion on treadmills, although they are often first on the shopping list they are by no means the be all and end all of a gym, especially where budgetary constraints exist.

We have set up small commercial gyms for as little as R75 000

Circuit Training (performed with weight training and selectorised equipment)

Circuit training is a form of conditioning combining resistance training and high intensity aerobics. It is designed to be easy to follow and targets strength building as well as muscular endurance.

Circuit is one completion of all exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete one begins the first exercise again for another circuit.

Traditionally the time between exercises between exercise is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise.

A typical workout would utilise all of the muscles, create a cardio vascular training response in 25 to 30 minutes. This is the simplest training area for those pressed for time and who don’t have the inclination to get involved in complicated programs.

Advantages of the Super Circuit include:

  • an effective means of improving strength endurance and muscle endurance
  • may be easily structured to provide a whole body workout.
  • encourages group participation
  • beginners find this form of exercise easy and non intimidating
  • can be customised for specificity and is easily adapted to various sports
  • potential burns more calories than conventional aerobic exercise or strength training.
  • “Its the most scientifically proven exercise system, it is time efficient and incorporates strength, flexibility and cardio vascular exercise in the same workout”. (Cooper Institute Dallas).
  • This proposal does not include a separate super circuit however circuit training can be performed with all of the machines

Selectorised equipment

 Although the circuit training area provides an exceptional workout, many individuals either want or need to customise their own workouts according to their unique situation.

Both the Selectorised area and weight training area allow for personalised programs.

These machines are designed with a weight stack which means that choosing or “selecting” the correct resistance is both fast and easy. Many machines offer movements which are difficult or impossible to duplicate with free weights

Examples of Selectorised machines would be leg extensions, leg curls and lat pull downs.

Weight training

Both weight training and resistance training build strength and size to muscles.

Weight training involves the use of barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells as well as some machines specially adapted to work with weight plates.

Members training in the weight training area normally exercise individually or in pairs.

Rehabilitation often involves using weights or “free moving weights” as this encourages the development of functional movements. In addition free weights offer and free range of motion not experienced with machine operating on a fixed plane of motion.

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Group training (Aerobics, Yoga, step)

Group training is defined as a group of people gathering together for the purpose of receiving inspiration and guidance in terms of some specific exercise protocol.

Many members are motivated by exercising with other members, hence the popularity of group training classes such as Spinning, Aerobics, Yoga.

Group training means many people training at one specific time being instructed by one person.


Spinning is technically a group exercise performed on specialised exercise bikes.

The classes are normally 45 minutes long and performed to music and instruction. This is a high intensity exercise and is ideal for weight loss, muscular endurance and building of lean muscle.

Core and flexibility training.

This is often overlooked in corporate fitness facilities.

The areas is classically a relaxing environment separate from the other training areas. Equipment found in this area includes physio balls, medicine balls, bosu balls, mats and Pilates rings.

The core of your body is one of the first steps towards an upright posture and avoiding potential back injury

The advantages of working with flexibility include

  •  increase of supply of blood and nutrients to joints
  • increase in neuro muscular co -ordination
  • reduces soreness
  • improves balance
  • decrease risk of lower back pain. This is prevalent in office workers
  • reduces stress in the muscle
  • increases physical performance
  • decreases risk of injury

Our  portfolio includes

  • Airports company South Africa
  • South Africa Police Services
  • St Andrews College
  • Nedbank
  • Body Culture Health and Wellness Centre
  • E.G. Jansen High School, Boksburg
  • Own Haven Corporate Gym
  • Stellenbosch University
  • The Sports Science Institute (Cape Town)
  • Newport Construction (Port Elizabeth)
  • De Beers
  • Anglo Platinum

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