Corporate Wellness Programs

Many of my corporate clients want to know what the statistics are worldwide for fitness and wellness based programs

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Well, it would seem that Wellness initiatives and employee wellness programs are really coming to fruition now.

The SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) reported in its 2011 Employee Benefits research report that may companies are attempting to ensure their workers health and fitness in different ways.

Take a look at the following list which shows exactly what companies are offering their employees.

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The numbers in brackets are the companies which are planning to offer the facilities or benefit within the next 12 months

• Screening programs and for conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol levels, 42 % (5 %)

• Health and lifestyle coaching, 37 % (6 %)

Stop Smoking programs, 36 % (5 %)

•Paybacks for or Subsidised fitness centre memberships, 30 % (2 %)

Fat Loss and Weight Loss programs, 30 % (5 %)

Corporate gyms and fitness centres with gym equipment , 24 % (10 %)

• Meal planning an counselling on Nutrition, 17 % (2 %)

• Specialised fitness classes provided on the premises, 16 % (5 %)

• Stress management an reduction programs, 12 % (2 %)

Source: The Society for Human Resource Management’s 2011 Employee Benefits report.

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