Plate Load Lat Pulldown

Lat Pull down Plate Loaded Lever Gym Equipment for Commercial Gyms

commercial gym equipment

Commercial Gym Equipment Call 071 863 7398

This just a sample of the range. For the full range of plate loaded commercial gym equipment, please call me 0n 0711 863 7398 or email me on

Isolates the lats and biceps
Low maintenance hardcore, long lasting equipment
Strong, Functional, Aesthetic Design
Full Commercial Quality Gym Equipment
Lifetime Warranty on frame
Installations in more than 2000 commercial gyms and home gyms around the world
Advanced Bio mechanical Design and Movement

Feel free to call me after you discover what we have to say about commercial gyms,  treadmills and fitness equipment. You can make the call now to buy quality gym equipment today, it’s that easy to start saving money. You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately on For more information go to

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