Health Club and Gym Circuit Timer

Gym Circuit Timer

Gym Circuit Timer

Gym Circuit Timer

South African Produced Circuit Timer

The is original design has served gyms around the country for more than 20 years.

This format is still paced in Virgin Active Gyms and Planet Fitness Gyms throughout South Africa.

Circuit training and functional training are being increasing recognized as the ultimate form training for fate loss an transformations.


More about the Cardiovison Gym Circuit Timer

The circuit timer is designed to be simple functional and easy to repair should it be dropped or damaged in the gym.

Gym Circuit Training

Gym Circuit Training

We get calls from gym owners around the country asking us to repair their current units which have been discontinued. Cardiovision circuit timers com with a one year warranty and we offer a repair service for all units out of warranty.

Many gym owners have found the LED units to be expensive to maintain and difficult to repair when broken. This unit only requires 5 bulbs, (which are not supplied with the unit).

The easy to replace bulbs makes this an easy and cost effective unit to maintain

Can be viewed from 360 degrees

12 month warranty, (excludes dropping and malicious damage)

Circuit Training at Commercial Gyms and Corporate Gyms

Circuit training represents one of the most efficient ways of exercising the whole body as well as training the muscular system and cardiovascular system.

Each member performs one exercise and moves to the next. This is unlike the weights area in the gym where members may be spending a number of sets on one piece of equipment.

There is a time period for each person to use the stations so that at certain intervals everyone moves from one station to the next. This is why the circuit timer is needed. Without a timer the circuit areas dissolves into chaos with members all waiting around for machines

The configuration of a circuit is limited only by your imagination, however the most popular circuits seen in gyms around South Africa would be the following

The Gym Toning Circuit

Consisting of a number of gym strength machines which focus on different body parts. The format is normally “agonistic / antagonistic”.

That mean if you do a lat pull down for the first exercise then you would perform the opposite movement for the next exercise. Technically this would be a shoulder press, but commonly chest and back exercises are regarded as opposite movements.

The Gym Super Circuit

Seen at many commercial gyms around the country the Super Circuit involves alternating individual strength training gym equipment with some form of cardio vascular exercise such as a circuit step podium, stepper or spinning bike.

The gym equipment will laid out in such a way that the bigger muscle groups are focussed on which burns more calories. So exercise such as Chest press, Low Rows, Pec Decks, Leg Press, Shoulder Press and lat pull down machines would take preference.
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Now that you have seen a good reason and you can feel better about buying into the idea, you could listen to what else we have to say about the perfect way to compliment your gym equipment purchase. To learn more or simply move on to safely invest in your health, body and future, you can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately on

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