When training with Gym Equipment , Variety is the spice of life.

Vary Your Gym Equipment Routine

Would it be useful to know how to achieve the best fitness results and maximize every second in the gym? Start by confusing your muscles.

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Three to four weeks is all it takes for the body to begin adapting to a particular strength training program. Most people don’t realize this and stay with the same program for years.

These people become stagnant and often wonder why they are not achieving any results in their physiques. In order for one to make effective and ongoing changes to one’s body, one must make ongoing changes to your training program.

Variation can come in many forms and does not always require drastic changes. Even subtle changes can make a huge difference. Exchanging machine with free weights is a good example.

Changes can be effected in the following way:

1. Vary exercises
2. Vary the number of repetitions
3. Vary speed.

Some ideas for you to consider when considering alternative for of exercise with your fitness equipment.

Treadmill can be changed to any other cardio exercise such as

• Squats and Leg press can be swapped with barbell lunges
Bench Press and Lying dumbbells press, or even an incline press.
Lat pull downs and seated rowing movements
• Barbell curls to the curl machine or the high low pulley machine
• Standing Calf raises can be swapped for leg press calf raises

If you are training at home then you might want to consider taking specialist advice when choosing gym equipment for your fitness room.
Buying a multi gym which does not offer enough variety may be one of the most expensive choices you could make.

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