Best Treadmills 2012

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If you are looking for information on buying a treadmill for home or commercial use in 2012 the you have come to the right place.

I will cover three of the very most important items that you should look for when you are ready to buy a treadmill now.

Treadmill Motor

Treadmills use either DC (Direct current) or AC (alternating current)

The AC motors are generally found in more commercial health clubs and commercial gym equipment.

For a home user there is not much advantage to paying in more for the AC treadmill motor

What size of treadmill motor?

Motors are measured in Horse Power (HP) Don’t go below 2hp

If you weight in at 70kg to 80 kg then a smaller 2hp motor that is found in the GS 2000 Treadmill

The Bremshey treadmills such as the following offer various sized motors and maximum user weights

Bremshey RN 5 Treadmill  2.75 HP motor. Max User weight 135 kg

Bremshey RN 7 Treadmill 3 HP motor. Max user weight 150 kg

Bremsey Pacer Treadmill 3 HP motor. Max user weight 150 kg

Treadmill Running Deck

Most running decks on decent quality treadmills are in the region 150cm by 50cm

If you are an exceptionally tall person you may want something a bit wider such as

The Proteus commercial treadmill

Treadmill Warranty or guarantee

There are a lot of cheap treadmills out there. I get calls every day from clients who naturally want to save money and thankfully they always make the right decision.

Spending a little more money now mean saving extensive money in the long run.

Consider the Bremshey RN 5 Treadmill 15 year warranty on Frame and motor

Tunturi T50 Treadmill 20 year warranty on frame and motor

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