Fitness Trends for 2012

Fitness and Exercise Trends 2012

Many South African fitness enthusiasts will be entering into the Christmas season knowing that they have a good training year and can afford to let go a little.

And while they enjoy the benefits of exercise and their hours of slogging away on the treadmill, the elliptical trainers and the multi gyms, they may also wonder what’s in store for exercise and gym raining for 2012

ACSM, the American College of Sports medicine recently announce their survey results of the Fitness Trends fo 2012

Fitness Trends for 2012

The top ten fitness trends predicted for 2012 are:

  1. Experienced and educated fitness professionals. Certification will be given priority in 2012. More courses, better results for clients.


  1. Resistance training.  Strength training , resistance or even bodybuilding type exercises remains a central philosophy. This could include training on strength training machines such as leg press, bench press or a multi gym. Alternatively free weight power racks, squat racks and smiths machines could be used. The benefits of regular strength training has been well documented


  1. Exercise programs for the mature population. Many of the aging baby boomers have enough retirement money to make some wise decisions regarding their health and fitness. Many gyms and gym equipment suppliers are orientating their product orienting around this changing demographic.


  1. Exercise and fat loss. Exercise has always been the key component to healthy weight loss or fat loss. Clients are able to take in nutrition without starving themselves when they exercises either at the commercial gyms or at home gyms. There are three components to healthy weight loss and they include exercise, nutrition and mental focus.


  1. Childhood obesity. I never thought that I would be writing about childhood obesity being a trend  but we need to face the fact that childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate overseas and in South Africa

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