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Commercial Gym Needs Analysis Commercial Gym Needs Analysis

Did you know that there are people available to take you through the whole process of designing, opening and running your new gym?

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Commercial Gyms Commercial Gyms

Being a personal trainer or small gym owner you want to focus on the important stuff, not worrying about equipment issues.

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals EasilyAchieve Your Fitness Goals Easily

Are you looking for gym equipment to help you achieve a fitness goal? Do you wonder why you have not yet achieved your fitness or weight loss goals?

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Fat Loss TipsFat Loss Tips

You want to know how to get into shape for summer here are some of the “secrets” to rapid, effective fat loss.

I have chosen my ten favourite.

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Setting up a Home GymSetting up a Home Gym

Shopping for home gym equipment? Asking “what equipment is best for a home gym?” Are you thinking of adding some equipment to you current home gym but you don’t know what to add?

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Starting a Home GymStarting a Home Gym

Are you looking for a way to get into shape for summer the easy way? Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms? Want to tone your body?

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Miles HarropDo you feel that you need to see more information on fitness equipment to hear how we can help you?

You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or

mail me immediately

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