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Bremsehy Scout treadmill

Folding treadmill with a 15 year warrantee on the frame and motor

Maximum user weight : 135 kg

Maximum speed: 16km/h

Incline : 10%

This unit comes from the same factory that makes the world famous Tunturi equipment.

Not only does it come from the same factory but the design has adopted the same smooth flow and simple console layout as many of the Tunturi units.

Home treadmill with simple consoles means that users can get exercising immediately.

I get calls every day from clients being dazzled by the features of the fancy treadmills at the supermarket.

Remember a treadmill is a big purchase. If you buy well first time you should not need to buy again for another ten years. Buy a treadmill like you would a share on the stock exchange; start with the fundamentals.

Buy a treadmill with a good brand name, not a supermarket brand. Those are impulse purchase items, like cornflakes and that thing for cleaning wine of expensive carpets.

Buy a treadmill with good engineering under the hood, not fancy plastic gadgets on the outside like ipod attachments, hairdryers and Botox administrators. More gadgetry means more stuff to go wrong. More breakdowns means more excuses not to exercise, you will get fat and unfit. “I would be training but my ipod attachment on my treadmill has broken”… oh Please!

Buy a treadmill with an extended warrantee. The last one you looked at the supermarket came with a one year warrantee; go and check.  Trying to a find parts in a year will be like trying to hunt down Osama bin laden. It will all end in tears

Buy a treadmill from a company who knows what they are doing. A company which sells fitness equipment. If the website offers coffee creamer and electronic toys you can be certain they are not exercise specialists.


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