Fat Loss Tips

Fat Loss Tips and Advice

Having been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years I have seen my fair share extreme diets. They all promise massive weight loss and in the short term many of them deliver.

There are some indisputable facts about fat loss that may be useful to learn

weight loss and fat loss

Ten tips to lose fat

Now you may be part of the 8% of South African population happy with their physical condition or one of the other 7% who claim to be trying to do something about it. If you are feel free to go to the next article which will teach you how to build a box girder bridge from Lego.

For the majority of you who need to change and need to change something now… read on


Some Fat Loss Tips for 2017

Here are some of my favorite and irrefutable fat loss facts and tips

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1. Fat Loss Goal Setting

Goal Setting for Fat Loss

Fat Loss Goals

  1. Set your achievable and realistic goals and take the first step. There is an emotional catharsis that comes with the purchase of exercise equipment or joining the gym. Until you make that commitment you are straddling the fence and you will only fill yourself with doubt. Record your goals and keep reminding yourself WHY they are important. Keep your goals or a symbol of your goals where you can see them on a regular basis.

Why are you doing thise? Are you doing this for appearance? Your health or to feel great about yourself every day? In addition you may have a number of other reasons. The fat did not develop over night, it has been a consequence of bad eating and exercising habits over a long period of time, it will take some time to go.

2. Measure your fat loss success

Body Fat Measurements

Body Fat Measurements

What you don’t measure you can’t improve. Ask a personal trainer to take your skin fold measurements at least once per week during the initial stages of your program. Get the following measurements taken, (and talk with your GP before starting a new exercise program.)

  • Body fat, (skin folds are best)
  • Weight, (for mere academic interest only)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Tape measure circumferences.
  • Fitness test, including resting and recovery heart rate
  • Cholesterol. Total, HDL and LDL. Ask your GP to explain the results to you.

I advise taking before Pictures. When you look great you will want to show off your great body and show everyone what you used to look like!

Most of the time you can’t do this by yourself. Get the help of a personal trainer or biokineticist to assist. Yes, you can afford it. This is your one and only body that you will ever get and you are not getting any younger. Stop looking for excuses to get started.

3. Movement and Exercise is vital for Fat Loss

Exercise in a gym


Exercise, training and movement is absolutely vital. Whether you are trying to lose weight, firm, shape up or just stay the way you are.

Diet alone is NOT a healthy way to lose fat.

This is a blog with ten tips, so I shan’t use it as a platform to rant and rave about some fat bloated professionals on chronic heart medications, wobbling around behind their big wooden desks, telling people that exercise is not necessary for health fat loss. No, I will just resist the urge to make those comments.


4. Small Frequent Meals for Fat Loss, (Eat before you get hungry)

Eat Before you are hungry

Eat Before you are hungry

When you feel hungry you have left it too late. For fat loss and healthy eating the days of three square meals per day, (especially processed high Glycemic load foods), are over.

Eat before you get hungry. When you become hungry, as many people on diets do, this means that your leptin levels have begun to drop and your ghrelin levels have increased. (I will explain the hormone functions later). Don’t wait until you feel hungry and this means 5 meals per day minimum. (three meals and two snacks if that sounds easier).

5. Strength and Weight Training for Fat loss

Weight training for fat loss

Weight training for fat loss

Strength training is more important than cardio. Build, or at least keep the muscle and burn the fat. Muscle burns calories. Simply put the more muscle that you have the higher your metabolism will run. That means burning fat as an energy source when you are at rest. For ladies forget putting on too much muscle, I have been trying to put on too much muscle for the last 25 years. For men; those who say you don’t want to look like Arnold, you make me chuckle, especially with your mouths filled with KFC and a beer belly that needs to carried around on a wheelbarrow.

6. High Intensity Cardio. The second component to your fat loss exercise regime.

High Intensity Cardio For Fat Loss

High Intensity Cardio For Fat Loss

HIIT stands for “High intensity Interval Training” and is the keystone concept to all fat loss programs. Interval Training has been around for many years and was made famous by Bill Phillips when he designed the Body for Life Program and challenge. I still regard the program as an excellent transformation method, although there have been many advances in fat loss science since he wrote the book.

Tabata is a relatively new high intensity method of training, although you should not try this unless you are already in pretty good physical condition.

Don’t waste your time with mind numbing, lengthy low intensity cardio workouts. The principle of staying at one heart rate for a lengthy workout was a result of misinterpreted scientific data. Don’t waste your time.

7. Get your food ratios correct

nutrition for fat loss

nutrition for fat loss

Diet ratios. The International Sports Sciences Association recommends the following ratios when designing your meals for fat loss

You will notice a decent serving of fats. Cutting all fat out is unhealthy and you will suffer from so many different disorders on a total fat free diet that it depresses me just to think about it.

  • Carbohydrates 50% of calories
  • Protein  34%
  • Fats 16%

I have yet to come across a more sensible breakdown and I use this as base point for most of my clients.

Bear in mind that these are based on calories, not grams. Calories per gram listed hereunder

  • Protein: 4 calories per gram
  • Carbohydrates:  4 calories per gram
  • Fats: 9 calories per gram
  • Alcohol: 7 calories per gram

These are guidelines used by fitness certified fitness professionals when guiding clients         towards safe and effective fat loss. If you are one of the (rare) people suffering from a        metabolic disorder or disease then you may need the advice of a Dr or dietician. This advice is not intended to replace the advice of your medical team.

However let me end this point by observing that many food choices are common sense and 90% of the people I meet who are overweight did it to themselves and can quite easily undo all of the damage themselves. Don’t blame it on a medical condition unless it really is a medical  condition.

8. When you eat is as important as what you eat.

Eating times for fat loss

Eating times for fat loss

When you eat is as important as what you eat. The typical South African Diet involves big evening meals with the family. Timing is very important. Big breakfast with some healthy fats, medium lunch and smaller supper with carbs coming from green veg and salad. Try to limit the carbs to earlier in the day. Don’t forget your two to three snacks when calculating the calories.

A good pattern would be more than 60% of your total calories by the end of your lunch. Don’t forget to count those alcohol calories at the end of the day.

Low fat milk at night is still a good bedtime snack. Milk contains two types of proteins both very high quality but one takes longer to break down than the other. Perfect for bedtime.

9. Cheat Yourself Thin

Cheat Yourself to a Lean Body

Cheat yourself to a Lean Body

Cheat yourself thin. Yes, the secret is out and cheating is in.

Get control of the hormones which make life hell when you diet, including leptin and ghrelin.

Our understanding of how the body stores and creates fat means that we now know that long term calorie restriction / starvation diets will not serve you. No long term calories restriction. The cheat day or high calories day is as important to you fat loss program as the restricted calorie days.

This also means that you can diet for the week and have a sensible cheat day over the weekend. That’s good news for Christmas holidays.

Structured cheating is not gluttony. Eat the things you like at the normal meal time. Don’t try and fill yourself up. And when you see the results of your hard work you won’t feel like being a piggy.

10. Sleep yourself thin

Sleep yourself to Fat Loss

Sleep yourself to Fat Loss

Sleep yourself thin. Hormones play a big role in fat on the body. The stress hormone cortisol affects the way in which the body holds fat around the belly. Less sleep equals more of this stress hormone and you guessed it, more of that wobbly. Jelly like belly fat. Yum Yum.

If you don’t get adequate sleep at night then, circumstance permitting, an afternoon nap/ siesta works well. My father, bless his cottons has been doing this for many years and is now 81. Yesterday he spent the day chain sawing down a Wendy house and building a box girder bridge, all before lunch. “so what are we doing today Bwain?”

Rest and sleep are so neglected in our holistic fitness programs, so make a point of including them as you would exercise and nutrition.

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Miles Harrop

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