Development and Gym Design Projects

Development and Design projects .

My name is Miles Harrop. I am a Fitness Industry Consultant

We have recently launched our new website and a large part of the innovations were as a result of feedback from professionals such as you.

As you read this we are already talking to a number of professionals in order to add additional services and features to the site.

We would appreciate any feedback from you as we invite you to look at the new website and contact us if there is a way we can assist you in any upcoming projects.

Gym Design

Gym design Call 071 863 7398

Our clients have found that when they look at our site to hear about what we offer they normally have questions which are specific to their project.

We asked our clients what would need to happen in order to make your project a success. We also asked how they would feel if they could just look at the website and contact me for additional information at short notice.

When clients contact us we have an experienced team of experts from the fitness industry to give advice and make your life easier.

Tunturi Platinum Gym Equipment

Tunturi Platinum Gym Equipment Call 071 863 7398


Diverse Projects involving Fitness Facilities

Fitness facilities are included in many different projects. We have been asked to offer assistance is projects such as:

Schools and educational institutions. We have a supplied a number of schools with affordable and tough fitness equipment.

Private home gyms. Many home owners are looking for something exclusive to match their new home design. The new “Tunturi Platinum” range is a perfect choice.

Correctional Services, Government and Police Gyms. A tight budget means that we source the ‘best value’ equipment and assist with economical design and layout.

Commercial Gyms. We offer a number of equipment lines ranging from top end exclusive, all the way down to entry level equipment for small gyms and community facilities.

Corporate Fitness facilities. Many companies require staff training as well as the supply fitness equipment.

Hotels and Lodges. The world cup seems to have been a catalyst for hotels and lodges to begin upgrading their facilities. We have created hotel fitness rooms for less than R20 000.

A latest addition to our range includes the brand new Outdoor Fitness equipment range. Click here for more information

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Call 071 863 7398









Think of it as a jungle gym, playground and adventure park for adults. These are being built in and around

Lifestyle Estates

Commercial gyms

Community and government gyms

Retirement homes and for senior citizens

Parks and recreational areas


Private homes

Walking trails


Do you feel that you need to see more information? After you listen to what I have to say here then feel free call me to see how we can assist you in terms of your various fitness requitements. You can call now on 071 863 7398 or mail me immediately at

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