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Gym Equipment For Sale

Gym Equipment For Sale in South Africa

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Cardio Vascular Gym Equipment

Cardio Vascular

Strength Training Gym Equipment

Strength Training

Aerobics and Fitness Gym Equipment

Aerobics and Fitness

Multigyms and Home Gyms


Top Treadmills

Home Treadmills

Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Gym

Holistic Gym Systems Gym Equipment

Holistic Gym Systems provides quality fitness equipment and gym equipment to home gyms, school gyms, personal training studios, hotel gyms, corporate gyms, commercial gyms and health clubs. The company is run by Miles Harrop who has more than 25 years experience in running, owning and operating fitness facilities and gyms.

Why deal with Miles Harrop and Holistic Gym Systems?

Smith Machine

Smiths Machines

I supply advice and gym equipment to some of the best home gyms and commercial health clubs in South Africa.

Call me for more information on Smith Machines, Squat Racks and other plate loaded gym equipment.

I also have a large range of free weight gym benches, dumbbells and gym machines such as bench presses, squat racks, preacher curl benches and adjustable gym benches.

Functional Training and Core Training Gym Equipment

Functional Training

Functional Training

Whether you are looking for Gym equipment or someone to help you with writing a health club business plan for your new gym, the issue is not what gym equipment to buy or how cheap it is but rather will it do what you need it to do. Each and every month I guide hundreds of people to make the right decision in terms of their fitness equipment needs.

With more than 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry I have been recognised as an authority on the fitness industry. I hold formal qualifications in business management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Personal Training, coaching and hypnotherapy.

I have an intimate understanding of human motivation and the fitness industry as a whole.

Fitness Specialities and Gym Markets

We serve all of these Markets with Specialized equipment and solutions.

Home Gym

Home Gyms

Home Gyms Call 071 863 7398

You may be new to the home gym fitness equipment market or you may be someone who has already invested in a home treadmill or multigym and you want to add something else.

If you are one of those people are pressed for time and find it difficult to exercise on any gym equipment at a gym or home gym, then you would certainly want to invest in the future by spending a little more time now on planning your fitness equipment purchase.

We are constantly sourcing the best value home gym equipment for our clients throughout South Africa. Look at our range of high quality treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and multi gyms.

Call me for advice on how to create the best value home gym.

Hotel Gyms

Hotel gyms are quickly becoming a significant buyer of gym equipment in South Africa. Attracting clients through the offering of international standard fitness facilities is just another marketing tool the modern hotel has.

Commercial Gyms

Gym equipment for sale

Commercial Gym Equipment Call 071 863 7398

Commercial gyms and health clubs are constantly look for ways to retain health club members and manage costs. Purchasing affordable treadmills and strength gym equipment with extended warranties is a sure fire way of extending the working life of your gym. In addition I offer cutting edge health club staff training, gym sales training, health club business plan advice and marketing advice .

Gym Services offered.

Research shows that planning in the earlier phases of any fitness project leads to better results down the line. I offer health club staff training, assistance with the implementation of management and access control systems, design of fitness facilities and health club marketing and gym business plan advice

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